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The Deep

Discussion of Ancient Mesopotamia

Ancient Mesopotamian History and Culture
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This is a community where those interested in the history, myth, literature, religion, and cultures of ancient Mesopotamia can gather, swap information, and discuss the fascinating ancient societies of Sumer, Akkad, and Babylon.

Anyone is welcome, from those who specialize in the field to those who have only heard of ancient Mesopotamia and want to learn more.

Community Rules

1) Make sure your post is related to ancient Mesopotamia in a way that will be interesting to others who read abzu. Off-topic posts that do not pertain to the theme of this community will be deleted.

2) Posts exclusively about your own religious practice do not belong here, as the community is largely concerned with the academic study of ancient Mesopotamia, not the adaptation into modern paganism. This does not mean excluding your beliefs from your posts; it means keeping the bulk of your post focused on the mythology, culture, literature, or other academic aspects of Near Eastern studies.

3) Do not attack any race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. Critical opinions are welcome as long as they pertain to the community's theme and are intended to spark intelligent debate. Inclusion of biases or hostile religious debates are frowned upon, however, and implying that a particular religion is more right or wrong than another is strongly discouraged.

4) Keep your language clean. This is a community for people of all ages. Discussion of sex and sexuality as it is depicted in ancient Mesopotamian literature or art is fine; after all, it is possible to discuss sex without being crude.

5) "Introduction"-type posts are allowed and welcome. However, we would like you to follow this simple format if you choose to make a post specifically to introduce yourself:

Name or Nickname:
How did you first form an interest in ancient Mesopotamia?:
Which culture from ancient Mesopotamia is your personal favorite?:
Can you read cuneiform?:

You don't necessarily have to include the prompts, but please include the above information in your post.

6) Put any images or long expanses of text behind LJ-cut tags.

7) No ranting. If you have a long, tedious complaint about something, there are other communities for the purpose.

Non-members may post, but if you enjoy the community, please consider joining us!