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Discussion of Ancient Mesopotamia

Где пленные ИГИЛ† ?
У меня вопрос:
кто видел пленных ИГИЛа ?

Нам показали пару штук дагестанцев, сдавшихся курдам и переданных России, но где остальные 200.000 "игилоидов" ?

Нет никаких колонн понурых пленных.
Неужели все двести тысяч пошли на полную утилизацию?


"ТАЙНЫЙ" язык шумеров EME-SAL.
*** Кроме обычного языка у древних шумеров существовал особый тайный язык eme-sal, использовавшийся в магических ритуалах.
® Словарь этого языка можно найти в журнале:

Space Walk
Hey Mod,
We've been spammed, could you please delete the spam post (which is huge) and block that user? Thanks

Descent of Inanna

I'd like to invite you to view our amateur theatre presentation of the Inanna myth. Performed in Czech in Prague in April for a small audience, the play follows the myth relatively closely. The videos have English subtitles (click closed captions if necessary). There are three parts, plus some rehearsal clips as well.

The contrast between the Czech language and the Sumerian myth is somewhat peculiar for me, but maybe it will add a certain mystery for you.

cracks: no promises
I'm doing a project on Nippur for an anthropology course, and I was wondering if anyone had any books/websites about the city they'd recommend. Any suggestions are VERY welcome! Thank you :D

Myth of Enuma Elish: First Story of Evolution
Has anyone read this? Do they have any comments on it? There's so much crap out there and I can barely find more than the cover blurb on this book.

Eyewitness Experts: Ancient Egypt

Enenuru.net is an independent project with focuses on Sumerian and Mesopotamian magic, religion, and culture and on relevant academic apparatus. Admittedly, reading in these areas can at times be dense and tract-less, and here we aim to provide an explanatory material and systematized resource for the student, seeker, and for those who speak similar enthusiasm. Enenuru.net is currently in development, and as we work, we take the chance to broaden scope, accept suggestion or criticism, and invite contribution from interested parties. We hope you will give or take from our efforts as they progress in form and function, towards a true study aid for these rare subjects. Regards.

Narrative History
Byzantine Imperial Seal
I've read a few books on the History of the ancient Near East, but I have always found it hard to read analysis-histories before I read the narrative-histories. That is to say, unless I know just who/when the heck Eannatum is, and/or his relation to Entemena, I find it difficult to read an economic analysis of their reigns.

Being the point, is there a well-written narrative-history of Sumeria/Akkad/Bablyonia anyone could recommend me?

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kat face
I don't post very often here, but I have a question. It's hit or miss if someone has this information on this community, but I'm going to give it a try.

I have a degree in biochemistry and NELC. I am interested in going into archaeological chemistry from a biochemistry aspect. This would be working on proteins or DNA from ancient samples. I do not want to do evolution, though, more actual lifestyle analysis. I also wish to attend graduate school in a chemistry department rather than an anthro, archaeology, etc. department. Does anyone know of a good place for graduate school in this area?


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