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tempus_aeterna wrote in abzu
I don't post very often here, but I have a question. It's hit or miss if someone has this information on this community, but I'm going to give it a try.

I have a degree in biochemistry and NELC. I am interested in going into archaeological chemistry from a biochemistry aspect. This would be working on proteins or DNA from ancient samples. I do not want to do evolution, though, more actual lifestyle analysis. I also wish to attend graduate school in a chemistry department rather than an anthro, archaeology, etc. department. Does anyone know of a good place for graduate school in this area?

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Well, it seems like your best bet is to go into a chem department at a school that already has an active archaeology program. I imagine Hopkins, Penn, and Chicago are good places to look. I'd look around and see who is doing active archaeology field work, so you are more likely to have access to the material you need (e.g. bones). Not easy programs to get into, but they'll fit the bill. Alternatively, you can try any old chem program (or one that suits your needs) and then just get in touch with an archaeologist and express your interests early on and see if you can build up a working project.

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